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Debate Club

Join the debate club which will take place once a month in the UCL campus. The idea is to promote internal teaching to improve the members knowledge throughout the year addressing a different topic each session. This involves youtube videos / documentaries or news articles which will, after been viewed in class, critically analysed during the debate session!

How it works?

The sessions last 1.15h and are accompanied by food & beverage


Topic presentation 

20 minutes - Committee members present the topic to the class providing a summary illustrating the technologies related and listing the pros & cons. This service is useful as we also welcome students with no prior knowledge, however some study before hand is recommended. (informative approach)

Video clip

20 minutes - A clip from a documentary or YouTube channel related to the topic is shown on the smart screen to provide material which show the topic in practice and comments / analysis brought up by field experts during the clip.. 

Class discussion

20 minutes - The debate starts and members are able to start presenting their points of view and addressing others. Computers and phones are allowed to integrate data or other vital info for the discussion, these will be uploaded on the smart screen if required necessary (constructive approach)

Sustainable Energy
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