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G3 Energy Summit:
Are we dreaming of net zero ?

What is the G3 Energy Summit ?

The G3 Energy Summit is an annual student-led Energy Conference co-organised by the Energy societies of LSEImperial, Cambridge University and UCL on the current development in the energy sector. The summit was first held in 2016 and has continued its success every year. Now, it has been recognised as the biggest student-led energy summit across Europe, with over 175 students attending the summit every year. The G3 Summit brings together leaders from across industry, politics and academia to discuss trends and issues within the energy sector. The summit is ideal for anyone keen to learn about energy, regardless of experience or background. 

As news outlets and research papers report on global efforts to mitigate emissions falling short of Paris targets, it's easy to wonder: 'are we dreaming of net-zero?'

This is was theme of the 2021 G3 Energy Summit, which examined the uncertain nature of energy transitions on our path to a net-zero future. The conference brings together academics specialising in climate change and energy transitions, policymakers from the IPCC, energy industry professionals and passionate students like yourself to engage in enriching discussions on how we can realise the promises of low-carbon economies, especially after a worldwide pandemic. This is a must-go event for anyone interested in the energy transition and wants to meet likeminded professionals and students.

The 2022 edition of the G3 Energy Summit theme was : "The Multifasceted Energy Transition" and took place on the 19th March. The three panels will aim to answer the following questions : 

  • Hydrogen: sciencefiction or sciencefact?

  • Energy consumption and GDP: can the energy transition take place without a financial crisis?

  • Carbon Capture: intermediate solution or long term thinking?


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