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The Energy Journal

The Energy Journal is a biannual magazine focused on current energy affairs, published by our Society in conjunction with the LSE Energy Society, the Imperial Energy Society, and the ESCP Energy Society. 


Founded in 2016, the Energy Journal has already become one of the largest student publications at the LSE. The Energy Journal exists to raise awareness of the opportunities in the energy industry.

Although energy has always existed, it is currently being up-ended by technological innovation, climate action and market forces. Editions are accessible to all students to discover the future of energy.

We're always looking for new authors and partners at the London Journal of Energy. If you think this could be you please get in touch!

Writing for the journal is an opportunity to research a topic of interest in deep detail and format it in a clear and interesting way. It will give you knowledge and skills that can only be beneficial. Additionally, it's a great addition to a CV and the occasion of meeting and interviewing leaders in the industry.

Wind Mills

Interested in writing for the journal?

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